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Thirty-year DJ Zoran Subotich is launching a high-energy, celebratory Hope and Restoration Tour with a Christian theme on May 27, 2022, to create a healthier way to party; his pandemic reset is designed to combat the addictions, hopelessness, and anxiety caused by the lockdown.

What can members do?

Thirty-year special events entertainer and deejay Zoran Subotich (known as Zoran) used his pandemic downtime to hit the reset button. When he saw people struggling, he felt compelled to act. A third-degree black belt karate teacher prized for his coaching and dynamic, inspirational speaking, Zoran was no stranger to motivating people. He saw an opportunity to marry his teaching and entertainment talents with a program that fed people’s spiritual recovery from the pandemic. The Hope and Restoration Tour and program were born, kicking off on Friday, May 27, 2022, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Enlightened Studios in Fort Walton Beach. Zoran’s new focus is spreading messages of inspiration, aspiration, and optimism to the disheartened.

“When I saw young people suffering during this pandemic with these alarming suicide rates and escalating substance abuse, I felt the humanity tug to do something,” Zoran explained.

“One day it hit me – I could give young adults and youths a spiritually healthier way to party, celebrate, and get inspired. All I had to do was build new music sets infusing the messages of hope we are all hungry to hear,” he elaborated.

Zoran is bringing his new program to regional, statewide, and national youth conferences, seminars, vacation Bible schools, and Christian-based corporate retreats with new Christian, EDM, hip-hop, house, rap, reggae, rock, and country music to support his high-energy theme. He is also collaborating with celebrated national gospel reggae recording artist Christafari Band and partnering with Cole Hufer of Enlightened Studios for his Hope and Restoration Program. Zoran’s new show offers entertainment bookers three options including:

  • Deejaying only, with a focus on spiritually uplifting music

  • Deejaying, combined with Zoran’s motivational speaking in a multimedia presentation

  • Deejaying, motivational speaking, and breakout teaching sessions

Zoran is available to travel in the US and abroad and is still accepting some bookings for Q2 at his website, and his social media handle is @DJZoranUSA.

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